Craig Raucher Offers Direct Sales Skills

As one of the many skills he has learned throughout his career in international freight and cargo handling, Craig Raucher has formed strong direct sales tactics. Direct sales, which is the process of selling a product or service away from a traditional storefront, is important to every style of business. Freight handling and transportation is not immune to this concept of marketing and sales.

Direct sales is accomplished through varying methods, and the one used will depend entirely upon the type of market or demographic that is targeted. In many cases, this form of sales is seen as a person to person interaction. Whether that includes selling door to door, catalog and brochure distribution, or telemarketing.

In the last few decades, direct sales have seen a booming increase through the Internet. Online sales make up a majority of the total revenues for all large businesses. Many potential clients or customers seek a service through the Internet, which means that a direct sales professional must ensure that their company owns a website that is easily accessible and thorough.

Working internationally, Craig Raucher has discovered that direct sales are also realized through the use of online video chats and conferencing. This is a great method for having 'face time' with a person who is halfway around the world.

Using all of these tactics, Raucher has been able to institute a plan of action for each of the Fortune 1000 freight and cargo companies that he has worked with. Over three decades, he has increased the profits and the good reputations of these businesses.

Corporate Express Delivery Systems Vice President Craig Raucher

Before starting a seventeen-year career with TFS Global, Craig Raucher worked as the Northern Region Vice President for Corporate Express Delivery Systems from 1996 to 1999. In this role he wore many hats and oversaw much of the company's operation.

Raucher was recruited by the CEO of Corporate Express Delivery Systems to manage this division from his position as the Vice President and General Manager of Skynet Worldwide Express. When he started with the new venture, their Northern Region was not operating at a desirable revenue standard. The thirteen states that fell under this umbrella were only demonstrating a 4% gross profit margin.

During his four-year stint with Corporate Express Delivery Systems, Craig Raucher was able to increase the gross revenues of the region to a 19% profit margin. This included a sales increase of over $180 million dollars. He was able to accomplish this by generating a sales team for the company that included six sales directors and 75 sales representatives.

Teaching the sales force, while leading by example, he was able to build a global sales and marketing unit within the company, one that eventually brought the operation nearly a quarter of a million dollars in revenue each month. Included in this new structure, Craig Raucher instituted a new profit model, which analyzed the profitability of the 15 terminals underneath his purview.

His experiences in building such profit out of close to nothing was invaluable to the remainder of his career. This opportunity was helpful and useful in every aspect of his freight sales, marketing, and management positions that were held afterward.

Understanding Air and Land Freight with Craig Raucher

When an individual or business needs to transport freight, cargo, or goods from one location to another, it is important to understand the different freight options. Craig Raucher, a professional freight manager, is well versed in the many different styles and methods of freight hauling.

Most of the freight that is shipped internationally travels the world via air freight. This option is time effective, and often less expensive than other forms of cargo transportation. Freight carriers offer a variety of air transportation methods, including temperature controlled options and variable speed options.

If international freight is not carried through the air, it must be transported via ocean liner or ship. It should be noted that not all ocean transport is international, as this method is sometimes used within the same country to move products from one coast to another. Ocean freight options will take longer than air transport.

When cargo is moved within the same country or continent, it is most often sent on road or rail freight vehicles. Many different trucks are used in this freight transportation method, including flatbeds, refrigerated cargo trucks (reefers), and semis. The style and size of the truck is dependent upon the type of good being shipped, and that product's specific needs.

Craig Raucher has worked with companies who handle all of these freight transportation methods, and has learned all of the details that are important to choosing the best style for the client he is servicing. This knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to anyone who desires a fast, safe, and affordable shipping option.

How Craig Raucher Helped Build DHL Worldwide Express

In 1980, Craig Raucher was recruited and hired by one of the three founding leaders of DHL Airways. Mr. Hilbloom, the “H” in DHL, was just getting his new start-up business off the ground, and was looking for a management leader who could propel the company to great success. As with all fledgling companies, DHL Airways needed a person to head the sales department, someone who could publicize and sell the business's services globally.

As the Director of Sales in the New York office, as well as the Global Sales Director for the organization, Craig Raucher played a vital role in the creation of a worldwide freight company.

When he was hired on with DHL Airways, the company had only earned $250 thousand dollars in profit. Within the first seven years of his employment, Raucher was able to boost the company's sales revenues to over $60 million dollars. By the time he left DHL Airways in 1991, the company had earned $1.5 billion in revenues.

This intense revenue growth would not have been possible without his personal sales philosophy and dedication to corporate growth. In the early 80's, DHL Airways was primarily focused on national freight delivery. It took someone with vision and the ability to coordinate overseas to grow the business to become an international freight superstar.

During his tenure, Raucher developed a strong relationship with 34 different international countries, which served to increase DHL Airways' overall sales and revenue. It was this attention to detail and focus on sales that allowed Craig Raucher to help build DHL Airways into what is now DHL Worldwide Express.

Craig Raucher - Business Strategy: Efficiency

Craig Raucher is a professional businessman that has been helping many companies to grow and generate profits over the years. His effective business strategy methods have helped corporations grow at steady rates for long periods of time. This kind of success is no accident, but is achieved through careful examinations of patterns and data, interpreting the marketplace, and understanding the different business trends that will inevitably affect a business. If you are a business owner or manager that is looking to improve growth and overall numbers, this article contains many useful tips and tricks that will help you to do just that.

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to do so in a smooth and efficient manner. Efficiency is valuable because it allows you to get the most out of your investments every time. By cutting costs in ways that do not affect quality, you can ensure the growth of your business. This can be done in many different ways, whether it be finding reliable and loyal employees, or by finding a better supplier that offers sturdier materials at a cheaper cost.

Being a good business manager or owner is all about remaining vigilant and ensuring that everything is running as efficiently as possible. Eventually, this should come as second nature, and customers will respond to the consistency of your company, which means more sales, and eventually, much higher profit margins. Going above and beyond the call of duty is often the best way to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Craig Raucher is a businessman with many years of experience.

Craig Raucher - Sales Management 101 - Incentive

Craig Raucher is a sales manager and business developer that has been working in the industry for over thirty years now. Over the course of this time he has generated over 600 million dollars’ worth of revenue for various companies and businesses. His success is a measure of the hard work and research that he put into becoming the best at his craft. If you are a sales manager that is hoping to have a career as successful as Craig’s, this article contains many tips and strategies that may help you on your way towards this goal.

An important management strategy that is often overlooked by less experienced sales managers is establishing incentive. Some sales managers believe that having their team members make more money is an incentive in itself to do better. This isn’t always the case however, as money is not the sole motivator for a surprising amount of people. Some are not interesting in bending over backwards to make a few extra dollars. However, a sales manager may be surprised to find that even small and simple rewards can really get a team motivated and more productive.

When you reach a sales goal for instance, instead of simply setting a new and higher goal, first let your sales team feel the success. Treat them with a trip somewhere, or perhaps a longer lunch break where you host a special event. Fun and engaging activities like these help build team strength and motivate them to work harder.

Craig Raucher is a sales manager with years of experience.

Craig Raucher - Sales Management - Coaching

Craig Raucher has been working as a sales manager and business developer for many years now, becoming a Senior Vice President in the process. He has been so successful in the field thanks to his dedication and drive, as well as an endless curiosity. Developing more effective sales management strategies is a matter of putting in the work and due diligence necessary to give yourself an edge over the competition. So if you are a sales manager, new or old, looking to improve your overall abilities and performance, this article contains some information that you may find is helpful for doing just that.

A common mistake that many sales managers make is that they do not coach their team enough. Sometimes this is because the manager is afraid to seem too overbearing, or they think that the coaching will just inevitably slow down and inhibit productivity. This is not the case, as a neglected employee that repeatedly does a task incorrectly, is not likely to change without the proper guidance.

As a sales manager it is a very important part of your job to correct team members when they make mistakes, or even to encourage them when they feel inadequate. Times like that require coaching and one on one time that your team will grow from and learn to appreciate. Never be afraid to coach when you think it will benefit a team member, as more often than not they will appreciate the effort and individual attention.

Craig Raucher is a sales manager that knows the importance of coaching a sales team.

Craig Raucher - Sales Management Tips: Socialize It

Craig Raucher is a successful sales manager that has helped raise over 600 million dollars’ in revenue over the course of his thirty plus year career. He has experienced success in the sales management field as a result of his dedication and drive. Sales management can be a difficult and competitive field, but also an exciting one for those who are willing to do what is necessary to succeed. If you are one of those individuals looking to further improve and refine your sales management abilities, this article might be just the shot in the arm you need in order to accomplish this.

One of the more effective strategies for driving up growth in sales management is to get your team to be more involved with each other. Yes, some sales managers focus too much on numbers and ambiguous goals and programs, which may help a bit, but are usually not nearly as effective as using direct motivational methods. One direct motivational method includes socializing a goal. Turn it into a competition, something that promotes friendly competitiveness or generates a lot of social buzz in the workplace.
These interactions will not just help tighten the team, but also help them to produce more as an individual. These kinds of techniques are usually effective because humans tend to be very social animals that prefer interactions with others over raw data and cold administrative goals. If an employee is comfortable and the work feels natural, they are likely to be much more productive.

Craig Raucher is a sales manager that has helped many sales teams grow and prosper.

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